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Documentary: The Lon Nol government


The Lon Nol's government struggling to survive on its own feet. The Cambodian elites were betrayed by American's false promises.

Cambodian Clothing Style In Chenla Era


In Chenla era (550 AD – 802 AD), most clothing styles of this period got a high similarity and share the common with Funan but Chenla still received its unique style. According to the bas belief at Vat Phou, a still ruin of Chenla, its national costume noticed a high different from Funan, except the headdress which then allowed only King during that era.

Men wear always ties one's hair into a chignon and crown it with funan style's headdress. Sampot still certainly wore by Chenla People but in different variation. The men enjoyed wear that kind of Collar due to half undress, hold a sword meant for brave and begin muscle for known as strong.

Funan Under Colonization of India

Recent claim of Mr. Tetsuo Hoshino that Funan or Nokor Phnom was just a colonized Empire under India was rejected - this claim is not coincided to the historical accounts of historical linguistics and ethnology.However, the claim of Funan being under colonization of India is not logical to the extend of in-dept analysis of the establishment of the first Khmer empire, influenced by India.In fact, the word Funan has no meaning at all in Chinese language - this word was derived from Khmer-Môn language (Phnom/Vnam) which happen to coincidently pronoun in Chinese language.

Golden Land

In the ancient century Indian people has been doing the business with such as Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia. During that time, Indian has used the big ship to make the business with Khmer people along the sea through the international ports in Asia too.To be making sure on Pali texts like the Nidesa and the Malinda Banha and be suspicious with any problems we know that we have the ports such as Kemara Poduke and Tamralipti,ect has been completed with their duty very active.

Angkor Borei

Angkor Borei is the Khmer ancient city which has a sea port name Aur-Keo (alias Oc-Eo) port is block of economic has been built in the fits of B.C.According to the research on archaeology in 1995-1996 show that the ancient place city have been founding by a group of Khmer people since 500 years before B.C.However, according to a new technology show that Angkor Borei has been found and designed the first time.Another result of the research show that the since the first of Khmer history, Khmer is not only doing business with India but Khmer has been relationship to do the business with such as G

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Concerts Honoring China’s Chairman Mao Spark Outrage in Australia

RFA - Fri, 2016-08-26 20:30
Thousands call on the authorities to ensure that “the biggest mass murderer in history” isn’t celebrated in Australia. catched

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